New Jersey

Police Bust Major Cockfighting Ring in New Jersey, Rescuing Nearly 60 Roosters


What to Know

  • Eight people in Paterson, NJ, were arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Wednesday after police discovered a cockfighting operation
  • Police say they found nearly 60 roosters that they believe were being used for breeding and fighting in a "makeshift arena" on 6th Avenue
  • Three bags of marijuana, THC vape pipes and oxycodone pills were also seized

Police in Paterson, New Jersey, say they discovered dozens of roosters at a "major cockfighting area" when they were investigating complaints about narcotics in the area.

A total of eight people were arrested at the facility on 6th Avenue on Wednesday, according to City of Paterson's Public Safety Director. Police say three bags of marijuana, THC vape pipes and oxycodone pills were seized.

The suspects are facing animal cruelty charges and well as other pending, related charges.

Officers loaded nearly 60 roosters and hens into vans to transport them taken to a sanctuary in Madison, New Jersey, which handles distressed animals.

They believe the birds were being used for breeding and cockfighting, saying that they also found illegal steroids and what appeared to be a makeshift arena at the location.

"This latest round-up is proof positive that we will not tolerate fowl play in Paterson. I commend our police department for their exemplary efforts in this major operation," Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh said in a statement.

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