Brooklyn Man Plunges into Pond at Prospect Park While Playing Pokemon Go

What to Know

  • A Brooklyn man was live streaming himself playing Pokemon Go when he plunged into a pond at Prospect Park
  • His phone survived the fall and recorded the splash and submersion
  • There have been other reports nationwide of accidents related to people being distracted while playing

The real-life hazards of Pokemon Go were illustrated all too vividly when a Brooklyn man plunged into a pond at Prospect Park while live-streaming himself playing the game.

Albert Monina, a 25-year-old self-proclaimed Pokemon nerd, was playing the the game in the park late Sunday night when he said a passerby told him there were lures on the bridge. 

"I'm probably going to go check that out!" he's heard saying in the live stream recorded on the YouTube gaming app -- then wonders aloud: "How do I even get up there?"

His footsteps on solid ground are audible, and suddenly there's a loud splash. The live stream goes black but Monina's voice is still heard. 

"Holy s---! I did not realize that was water," Monina says in the video, laughing. 

"He got me, dude!" his muffled voice continues. 

Monina, who lives near the Barclays Center, told NBC 4 New York the pond was covered with moss and in the dark, "it looked no different than any other grassy area."

He said there was a two-foot drop-off and the pond was deep enough that he was fully submerged in the water. 

Monina told BuzzFeed he was surprised to find his phone was working after the plunge: he dried it out using the rice method and saw that the live stream had continued about a minute after he fell into the water. 

Monina said he was a "huge Pokemon nerd" when he was a child and now plays Pokemon board games with his friends over beer. He's been streaming himself playing video games for a long time, "so when Pokemon Go came out, my immediate goal was to get out in the world and stream it as much as possible," he told NBC 4.

Despite reports of similar distracted Pokemon gaming accidents, Monina said he doesn't blame the game for falling. 

"You don't need an app to be stupid," he told BuzzFeed. "I was a clear example of that. I'm just an idiot who walked into a pond." 

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