PNC Center Now Charging $6-A-Head Parking

Fee isn't per vehicle, it's per person

Concertgoers have been singing the blues for years since many ticket outlets began adding service charges to individual tickets.

And now that New Jersey's PNC Bank Arts Center is adding a parking charge per ticket -- not per vehicle -- it's time for an encore.

"I passed on buying six tickets to the Def Leppard concert because I don't want to pay six times for parking," 39-year-old Brooklyn resident Gary Kane told the New York Daily News.

The six-bucks-a-head parking charge means when you pack your SUV with your teenage daughter and four of her friends to see Miley Cyrus, you're paying $36 extra.

Other area facilities of similar size charge a per-car parking charge regardless of how many people are inside. Jones Beach doesn't charge a dime.

When a WNBC camera crew showed up at The PNC Bank Arts Center, the message was clear: Talk to our PR people instead. LiveNation did not return any of WNBC's calls seeking comment.

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