Metal Placard From Jumbo Jet Found in Long Island Backyard

Investigators are looking into how a metal placard from a commercial jumbo jet apparently landed in a Long Island backyard this week. 

Nassau police said a Stewart Manor homeowner found what appears to be a maintenance placard for a landing gear belonging to a jumbo Airbus A380 in his backyard on Carlton Terrace on Wednesday.

The homeowner, Lee Ackerman, told NBC 4 New York he found it nestled in a fern bush after he returned from walking his dog.

"It wasn't there in the morning and so when I came out, the dog and I immediately noticed it," he said. 

Ackerman turned in the part at Nassau police headquarters on Friday after a neighbor urged him to report the discovery. 

Police believe the placard is from a commercial plane, though it's not clear who the carrier is. 

"The only I can think of is it landed on the upper roof of the house and slid down," said Ackerman. 

The FAA says they're trying to determine if the metal placard did in fact come from a plane, and if so, plan to investigate. 

No one was hurt by the placard, but the community has been complaining about air traffic noise for awhile. Some neighbors said they're worried the plane placard could be a sign of danger.

"It's really scary because it's one thing to hear the noise of the planes back and forth, but another thing is things are starting to fall on our heads?" said Maritza Brugger. "It just fell on the roof and ferns, but what about my kids? I'm just walking, would it hit me?" 

Ackerman said: "Nobody likes to have plane parts falling off in their yard where you and your family are." 

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