‘Pita Rats' Try to Take Subway Foodie Crown From Pizza-Dragging Compatriot

First New York's "pizza rat" had to compete for the internet's attention with a 'za-loving raccoon. Then, a bagel-wearing pigeon challenged the rodent for viral views.

But now, pizza rat is being challenged by two of its own species with a penchant for Mediterranean food.

CNN reports that a pair of "pita rats" were spotted trying to drag a flatbread up the stairs at the Herald Square station earlier this week.

The two appear to be competing to take the whole pita home, with the victor eventually dragging the bread up the platform stairs.

Last year, social media users were fascinated by the now-famous pizza rat, which was caught on camera dragging a slice of pizza down a set of subway stairs. Video of the rat garnered more than 8 million views on YouTube.

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