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NJ Man Has Eaten Pizza Every Day Since Age Four

A plain slice of pizza has been a staple in Mike Roman's diet since age four

What to Know

  • A NJ man has eaten pizza every day for dinner for the last 37 years
  • 41-year-old Mike Roman doesn't remember why he developed the habit, but has been doing it since age four
  • Roman is so committed to pizza he even had pizza served at his wedding cocktail hour, reception, and honeymoon

Since age four, 41-year-old Mike Roman has chowed down on a greasy slice of every night for dinner.

He doesn’t quite remember how he got into the habit, he told Tom La Vecchia of La Vecchia's “New Theory” podcast when discussing his daily dinner, but now it’s practically second nature to him, and he can’t seem to eat anything else.

On one hand, you have to admire the dedication. Roman even had pizza at his wedding's cocktail hour, reception, and honeymoon.

The pizza is always plain, and he has his New Jersey favorites like Kinchley's, Lido's, and Nellie's. 

On the other hand, you have to simply wonder how he does it? Even the most fervent pizza-lover must get tired of the same thing every.

But Mike Roman is not your average pizza eater. He clearly just knows what he likes, and sticks to it.

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