New Jersey

NJ Woman Lures Abandoned Piglet Away From Traffic With Cherry Danish

A farm animal rescuer found the pig "petrified, wandering in a 20 foot circle" near I-80

A woman used a cherry danish to lure a young pot-bellied pig away from a busy New Jersey interstate after someone dumped the animal on the side of the road.

Barnyard Sanctuary director Tamala Lester said she got a call from a motorist who saw another driver dump the animal on the side of Interstate 80 in Warren County on Wednesday evening.

The motorist stood guard by the terrified piglet on the side of the interstate for about 45 minutes to make sure the animal didn't wander into traffic. 

Lester said when she arrived on the scene the pig was "petrified, wandering in a 20 foot circle."

Lester was able to lure the animal toward her using a cherry danish she had brought with her from home. Lester said once the piglet was close enough, she grabbed it by its hind legs and took it to safety. 

The pot-bellied pig will stay at The Barnyard Sanctuary for at least 10 days. After that, Lester said, she'll be put up for adoption. 

Fittingly, Lester said she's named the piglet "Cherry."

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