Piety in Public: Art Installation Encourages Street-Side Prayer

Now there’s no excuse to skip your prayers

Now there’s no excuse to skip your prayers.

One of New York’s latest public art installations is a pair of colorful prayer booths located near the entrance of Tramway Plaza, the Roosevelt Island tram station in Midtown.

The interactive Public Prayer Booth is a hybrid of a telephone booth and a prayer station.  Artist Dylan Mortimer says the installation deals with how private faith functions in the public realm.

Whatever your motivation, you can take position on a kneeling pad and offer up a prayer.

"I balance humor and seriousness, sarcasm and sincerity, in a way that bridges a subject matter that is often presented as heavy or difficult, Mortimer said.”

The exhibit was commissioned by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.  The booths went up in September and will remain through November.

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