Mystery Piano Ends Up Under Brooklyn Bridge in East River

A piano that has sat halfway submerged in the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge for days is mystifying New Yorkers.

Photos of the piano, on the Manhattan side of the river, first appeared on social media Monday. The instrument has been drawing crowds of visitors since.

Photographer Carlos Chiossone tells NBC 4 New York he was walking by on Monday and saw what appeared to be a photo shoot on the piano, complete with umbrellas.

"But then they left," and the piano is still there, he said.

The piano is in bad condition and does not play. During low tides, it sits on the beach under the bridge, but it is partially submerged at other times.

"How many days will piano last?" wondered one Twitter user who snapped photos of it on Wednesday.

It's not clear who would be charged with moving the piano. The City Parks Department says the beach is not under their jurisdiction.

--Michael George contributed to this story.

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