Bottoms, Pharaohs and Face Swaps: The Met Brings Out New York’s Silly Side

Sometimes, we just can't help ourselves. Despite our best intentions, visiting the museum -- with all its nakedness and drama -- can bring out our silly sides. This is what happens when the guards look away at one of New York's cultural jewels -- The Metropolitan Museum.

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Sometimes, we just can't help ourselves.
Even Mom can't help herself. Instagram user @galstallion captioned this photo: "Mom's in town and grabbing NYC in all the right places."
Is this really wrong? Or really right? (Credit: @tugh4n/Instagram)
When you're told off for going too close to the art but you really want to see the detail. (Credit: @matthewbryanbeck/Instagram)
The great unsung hero of ancient Egypt was not the cat, but the baby deer. Somehow it got lost in the history books. (@michellejoyann/Instagram)
Posing in front of a mummy's coffin? No! I was just massaging my own shoulders. (Credit: @rogerio_szterling/Instagram)
Where did this 'Egyptian' walk come from? Did any Egyptian ever actually do it? We're asking the hard questions here. (Credit: @carolfcr/Instagram)
Give the gift of Monet flowers, if you can afford it. (Credit: @mehikari/Instagram)
Not 100 percent sure what is happening in this photo, but it appears to be a postmodern take on the self, rendered in sharp contrast to the serenity of Monet's "Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies". (Credit: @genevieveleaf/Instagram)
Sometimes, when you see great art, you've just got to pose. (Credit: @rebeccaannabel/Instagram)
Not a bad re-enactment. Wonder how long they had before the guards told them, 'No sleeping.'" (Credit: @kelzsantaanna/Instagram)
"Oh girl, tell me everything," Instagram user @rbalmoja captioned this photo. This sculpture is "Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii", by Randolph Rogers.
Instagram user @melee0523 saw an uncanny likeness between this ancient Roman gentleman and a more recent character - Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series.
Thumbs-up for The Metropolitan Museum's fantastic art collection. (Credit: @kylaleelamb/Instagram)
"Mood every dang day," Instagram user @cumbiamedley captioned this post.
Again with the 'Egyptian' walk. The guards must think it's hilarious. (Credit: @lauragm88/Instagram)
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