Phony Botox Doctor Arrested on Staten Island

A phony botox doctor is facing felony charges after illegally offering Botox injections to unsuspecting clients, prosecutors on Staten Island said Thursday.

Eduard Belfer, 42, found himself under arrest after offering Botox to an undercover agent from the state department of education -- which is responsible for licensing medical professionals -- Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan said.

Belfer pleaded not guilty to one felony count of unauthorized practice of a profession. He faces four years in prison if convicted.

Just last week, the Health Department issued a warning against unlicensed cosmetic practitioners after a Bronx woman died getting Botox from an unlicensed provider.

Prosecutors said so far they have not found any patients who sustained injuries after a Botox injection administered by Belfer, but they have yet to talk to all of his patients.

The DA's office is urging Belfer's patients to contact them.

If you think were a patient of Belfer's, call the Staten Island District Attorney's office at (718) 876-6300, or email

And to check to see if your doctor is licensed, visit

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