Peter Luger's Making More $$$ Than Mob: Waiter

Get the scoop on Peter Luger's guide to economic survival, a new survey for those who live in a specific area of Brooklyn, five large paintings and Co-op Village bike wars in today's local blog round-up.  

  • Recession, what recession? A self-assured waiter at swanky Peter Luger's tells a customer who complains about the wait that his employer could be rolling in more dough than the mafia. [Three Tomatoes] 
  • Calling all hyperlocals. The Church Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) wants to know more about the people who live on or near Church Avenue between Coney Island and Flatbush avenues. To be specific, they want to know what they buy, where they shop, what's missing in their lives and a slew of other things. Take the online survey, but only if you're one of the people they care about studying. [Ditmas Park
  • See five large paintings -- not just any five large paintings, but "Five Large Paintings" – the new exhibit by Jonathan Borofskyl, the guy who sculpted "Walking to the Sky" at Rockefeller Plaza and the "People Tower" at the Beijing Olympics. The show opens Friday at the Grand Street gallery and runs through June 20. [Animal]
  • So much for ecofriendly exercise. Co-op Village residents are fed up with the bike lanes in their neighborhood. They say the lanes disrupt traffic, encourage double parking and prevent emergency vehicles from getting through – and they held a town hall meeting to tell those responsible how they feel about it. [The LO-DOWN]
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