Widower Desperately Searches for Pet Yorkie Snatched From Car

What to Know

  • Paul Carmody of Yonkers is desperately searching for his stolen Yorkie, Lily, who was snatched out of his car at a CVS
  • He says she's been his constant companion since his wife died seven months ago
  • He hopes that whoever has her will at least keep her healthy if they won't return her

Paul Carmody wants only one thing this Christmas: for his dog Lily to be safely returned. She's been like a child to him, especially since he lost his wife to cancer recently. 

"My wife died about seven months ago, and it was both of our dogs but it was really hers," said Carmody. "She's been my constant companion. I take her every place." 

Carmody left Lily, a Yorkshire Terrier, in the car for just five to 10 minutes while he shopped a CVS in Yonkers. When he came outside, he was horrified to find the window smashed and Lily gone. 

"It's been hard," he said. "I've been in a fog for several days." 

Carmody doesn't know why someone took Lily. He's notified police, but now that Lily's been gone for almost a week, his biggest concern is her safety. 

"I hope she's healthy. Drop her off at a rescue, an animal pound, someplace," Carmody pleaded. 

If whoever has her won't return her, Carmody at least wants them to hear this: "Treat her well. Treat her with love. Groom her properly. Brush her teeth." 

Lily has a microchip but it doesn't have a GPS. Paul is hoping if Lily is brought to a vet or a groomer, they'll check for that microchip. Anyone with information is asked to call Yonkers police. 

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