30 Minute Delays on Upper Level GWB; Person Hit Mucks Up 2 Train Service in the Bronx

There are 30 minute delays on the inbound upper level of the George Washington Bridge due to construction and 2 train service is mucked up in both directions in the Bronx due to a person being hit by a train, the MTA says.

Drivers can use the lower level of the GWB to get around the traffic on the upper level. The Holland and the Lincoln are also better options. By about 6 a.m. delays were easing a bit becuase at about 5:30 a.m. the delays were up to an hour. 

The person who was struck by a train was hit at the Simpson Street station in the Bronx and the power was temporarily cut off. Police said it is unclear if the person jumped or fell between trainc cars. 

Northbound 2 trains did terminate at 149th Street-Grand Concourse and some southbound 2 and 5 trains did terminate at 180th Street, the MTA said. The service changes are no longer in effect, however, there extensive delays on both lines. 

Commuters can use crosstown buses as an alternative. 

The NYPD and FDNY was on scene where the person was hit.

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