‘Pepe the Love Skunk' Makes Surprise Valentine's Day Appearance

Pepe the Love Skunk will spend this Valentine's Day in a safe, secluded part of Forest Park in Queens after he made a surprise appearance at a greenhouse, according to NYC Parks Rangers.

The skunk, affectionately named for the famous cartoon character, was captured in the Forest Park Greenhouse in Queens on Tuesday.

Parks wildlife experts said that the skunk is in good health and has been humanely relocated elsewhere in the park.

Striped skunks are known for their signature defense mechanism: releasing a powerful odor to stop predators. 

Park visitors aren't likely to encounter these oderous creatures during the day, since striped skunks come out at night when it's safer to forage for food.

Skunks often live in parks, including northern Manhattan and Queens, so parks experts suggest keeping dogs on leashes to avoid stinky encounters. 

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