Pedophiles Gunning for Cuomo

Bounty put on attorney general's head

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has a $10,000 bounty on his head, a price tag sponsored by the monsters at NAMBLA, the nation's largest pro-pedophilia group.

An outrageous posting on the Internet under the headline: "$10,000 to shoot Andrew Cuomo in the face!" appeared three weeks ago, reported The New York Post

"I am an official of NAMBLA, and I can confirm that we have raised the cash to reward any individual who manages to accomplish this task. Thank you," read the message, according to The Post.

The AG, who normally travels without a security deal, has wisely begun traveling with a phalanx of armed guards.

Authorities believe the message is linked to an imprisoned perv being held under civil commitment, a 2007 law that allows for keeping potentially violent offenders in jail after their sentences have been served.

Cuomo has apparently sparked the ire of NAMBLA by forcing Internet providers to aid in the policing of child pornography and his extended incarceration of pedophiles and other sexual predators under civil commitment.

An investigation, aided by Verizon, traced the message to a woman in The Bronx, but an examination of her personal computer cleared her of involvement.

The death threat is "an ongoing security matter that we take very seriously," a Cuomo spokesman told The Post.

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