Pay Attention to Rising Prices at Local Grocers

Costs of some items rising, and they might surprise you

Getting a bang for your buck at the supermarket is important now more than ever.

But now that many of us are putting a squeeze on the spending, and production costs are up, many grocers are looking to charge more.

Smart Money Magazine's Missy Sullivan said it's important to pay close attention to the small print.

"Look at the unit price on the label on the shelf so that you can compare brands," she said. "Because the box price may fluctuate. But the unit price is going to tell you by weight, what it really costs."

Don't expect staples like milk, bread and cereal to go up in price. Grocery stores are putting the higher costs on items you're least likely to notice.

"There are 45,000 other items in those grocery shelves, and people will find that those prices are going up," Sullivan said.

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