Paterson: SNL Bullied Me, But Now I Have Bill on My Side!

Bill Clinton has been whispering reassurances into David Paterson's ear of late, the governor told WAMC radio during an interview to air Friday. Apparently, while they were seated next to one another at the recent Nassau County Democratic dinner, Clinton told Paterson about his first two years as governor of Arkansas, when there was an economic downturn like there is now:

"His point was that being a governor during tough fiscal times is far more difficult than being a president," Paterson continued. "He said he was president during difficult times, but he had so many more options and so many more ways in which he could still provide services even in turbulent times and, as you said, the federal government just extends itself credit and has done so by a trillion and a half dollars just this year alone."

There's not a lot of solace in this quote, but it's nice to have an understanding shoulder to cry on, right? Speaking of which, Paterson also explained in that interview exactly how badly the Saturday Night Live parodies of him have made him feel. "I caught myself ... being a lot more careful how I moved around," he said. "And being just a lot more insecure about how I presented myself, when I don't think disabled people should." Paterson added: "I thought I had gotten rid of those demons when I was a teenager. But I guess somewhere latent in my personality was this reaction if I felt I had been humiliated." Oh, Governor Paterson, you've found our weak spot! Come here, we'll give you a hug again! But just this once.

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