LaGuardia Airport

Passenger Released After NYC Flight Makes Emergency Landing for ‘Security Incident'

All 80 passengers and crew members were removed from the plane without injury

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The passenger on board a New York City-bound flight whose alleged behavior prompted the plane's pilot to make an emergency landing has been released.

The unidentified passenger had been taken into custody for questioning Saturday after the plane landed at LaGuardia Airport. A Port Authority spokesperson said Sunday that the passenger was not expected to face any criminal charges.

Police and airline officials referred to Saturday's emergency landing as a response to a "security incident" following the passenger's reported unusual behavior. A senior law enforcement official briefed on the incident described the passenger as unruly and, when confronted by the flight crew, allegedly suggested he had a device aboard the plane.

The Republic Airlines Flight 4817 landed safely at the airport in Queens around 3 p.m., the FAA confirmed. All 80 passengers and crew were safely removed from the aircraft.

The Port Authority spokesperson did not elaborate on the details of the passenger's actions that concerned the crew and authorities, but confirmed that a joint investigation by the JTTF, the FBI and the Port Authority Police Department found no criminality. Officials subsequently released the passenger following their investigation.

There was no indication of any substantial threat to the plane or the passengers and crew of the flight, officials had determined by Saturday evening. Authorities were able to sweep the plane and clear the taxiway of any potential threat within hours of the landing.

According to the FAA, Flight 4817 departed Indianapolis around 1 p.m. bound for LaGuardia.

Several videos posted to social media around the time of the plane's landing showed a significant emergency response from local fire and police units.

Video captured by a passenger and shared with NBC News shows firefighters attending to one person lying facedown on the taxiway.

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