Anastasia Economides

Hundreds of Storm-Downed Trees Linger Precariously Through NYC

Following Monday's storm, over 400 calls were made about the hundreds of downed trees in the city, posing danger and potential court settlements.

Dozens of Parks and Recreation Department employees were tasked with assessing the storm damage Wednesday. In total, 132 downed trees, 88 dangling branches and 222 fallen branches were reported throughout the city.

Falling limbs and trees have injured and killed people in city parks, which cost the city millions in settlements. The yellow caution tape serves as a warning to stay away.

"Anything can happen, you have no control over which way that tree is going to fall, right on top of you or some other way, just not worth it," said Bobby Bracelin, a passerby in the park.

The parks department said it has inspected three-quarters of the trees reported in the latest storm, compiling a priority list for trimming or removal.

At Riverside Park, where a 23-foot-tall Willow tree fell, Denise Curra was wary about sitting anywhere near the trees.

"I was thinking as I was walking by, I probably shouldn't sit by this one," she said.

Another Willow close by had a dangling limb, and was marked with yellow caution tape.

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to correct Bobby Bracelin's identification. 

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