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‘Outerbridge Cowboy' Agrees to Give Up Horses in Plea Deal: DA

The 80-year-old man arrested last summer after riding his two horses across the Outerbridge Crossing, causing a traffic jam, has pleaded guilty to a violation of disorderly conduct.

Tod Mishler, who was arrested on charges of animal cruelty three days after riding over the bridge last June, is barred from having horses in New York state for the next two years under the terms of the plea agreement. 

A man riding a horse caused a traffic slowdown on a busy New York City bridge on Monday morning.

He's also agreed to give up his two horses, Hope II and Charity. Police said last year the two horses -- one carrying bags -- suffered from dehydration and open bleeding saddle sores. 

The horses have since recovered and are being cared for and supervised by trained professionals at facilities, said Staten Island District Attorney Michael E. McMahon. 

Mishler gained fame riding horses around the country, saying he was a cowboy helping hungry children. 

Hope II
Staten Island DA
Hope II, one of the hoses owned by Tod Mishler
Staten Island DA
Charity, one of the horses owned by Tod Mishler
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