Out-of-Control Car Nearly Crushes Worker as It Slams into Back of Box Truck in Brooklyn, Video Shows

What to Know

  • An out-of-control car slammed into the back of a box truck double-parked on a Brooklyn street Thursday
  • It nearly crushed a worker walking to the back of the truck, video shows
  • The driver suffered head trauma and was extricated from the car to be taken to a local hospital, police say

A worker was nearly crushed by an out-of-control car as it slammed into the back of a box truck in Brooklyn Thursday afternoon, surveillance video shows. 

The man, who was making deliveries from the truck along with the truck's driver, had just stepped from the sidewalk onto the street on Louisiana Avenue in East New York when a white car came barreling down the road and slammed into the back of the double-parked truck, nearly crushing the worker. 

The startled man jumps out of the path of the vehicle as the truck's driver rushed over, video shows. The two peer into the crashed car, apparently concerned about what they're seeing. 

The truck driver, who identified himself only as Mike, recounted to NBC 4 New York, "I ran to the car, stuck my hand and grabbed the man's hand, told him to hold my hand and squeeze it. Try to keep him awake while I was on the phone with emergency services."

Neighbor Olu Osendevor said he was driving behind the white car and saw the accident. He jumped out to try to help the driver.

"I actually talked to him. He said he couldn't breathe, but he was still talking. He was still talking, he was conscious and breathing. He was talking, but it looked bad," said Osendevor. 

Police say the driver suffered head trauma from slamming his head into the metal lift jutting out from behind the truck. 

There was little anyone could do until firefighters got to the scene and cut the roof off the car to extricate the man and put him in an ambulance. The driver was taken to Brookdale Hospital, where he was listed in serious but stable condition.  

Mike was still reeling from his own near-miss.

"I'm lucky I wasn't still standing there, because we just walked away from the truck," he said. "But I'm not even thinking about that. I just hope he survives." 

It's not clear what caused the driver to lose control. Police are investigating the crash. 

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