Oreo Making, Mailing Wild Cookie Flavors for Fans Who Propose Them

What's your dream Oreo flavor? Ask, and you may receive.

Oreo is surprising some fans who submit their ideas for cookie flavors with actual boxes of their creations.

The crowdsourced #MyOreoCreation hashtag started gaining enough traction in recent months that Oreo decided to market it as a real contest, according to Grub Street. 

Fans have been surprised in the mail with the cookies of their dreams -- including flavors like Coffee, Glazed Donut, Bacon and Avocado. 

There's also been "Unicorn," "Mermaid" and "Millenial Pink" flavors, as well as "Nuts n' Honey" and "Raspberry Danish." 

Oreo says it'll continue to surprise fans until July 14. Anyone can submit one Oreo idea per day and, it says, "we just might make it."

Three lucky winners will even get their cookie creation mass-produced for the market for a limited time. 

No telling if some of these wild Oreo fantasies may just come to life for a lucky few in the next two weeks: 

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