New Jersey

Stolen Car Backs Into 2 Officers During Traffic Stop: Police

A man on Long Island drove a stolen car into police officers, throwing one of them to the ground, police said Saturday. 

Markus Mcintyre, 25, of Hempstead, was charged with assaulting a police officer among other charges, Nassau County police said. His passenger, Kevin Curry, 27, was charged with resisting arrest and drug charges. 

Officers pulled over the pair in a silver 2007 Infinity in Baldwin on Friday afternoon, but said the men refused to roll down their windows. 

When one of the officers opened the driver's side door, Mcintyre allegedly put the car in reverse and struck both officers as well as the patrol car. 

Then Mcintyre drove forward and struck one of the officers again, throwing him, police said. 

Officers stopped the car and arrested Mcintyer as he punched and elbowed an officer in the head, police said. But Curry ran away and knocked another officer to the ground as he fled, police said. 

Both officers were treated at a hospital for their injuries. 

During the investigation, officers learned the car had been stolen in New Jersey. 

It wasn't clear whether Mcintyer or Curry had attorneys. 

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