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Odin, the NJ Dog With Cancer and a Bucket List Adventure, Dies

Odin was set to have his last public appearance the day he died, according to his owner

What to Know

  • Odin, the New Jersey St. Bernard whose bucket lit went viral earlier this summer, has died
  • The pup was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a terminal form of bone cancer in July and had a tumor on his leg that made walking difficult
  • Dozens of tributes from across the country have poured in on a Facebook group set up for the dog called "Odin's Bucket List"

Odin, the four-year-old New Jersey dog that had been checking items off a social media bucket list since he was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer earlier this summer, has died.

The St. Bernard's owner, Bobbie Jo Ledford, took to Facebook to announce that they had made the difficult decision to euthanize the 4-year-old pup, which had been battling osteosarcoma for the last several months. 

"Odin has crossed the rainbow bridge and he is no longer suffering. We are so deeply heartbroken," Ledford wrote in a post to a Facebook group following the bucket list adventure.

Ledford created a bucket list for Odin after he was diagnosed with cancer in July. Among the early items were meeting a police officer, visiting a farm, eating a puppichino from Starbucks, heading to Hooter's and being featured on the local news.

Odin's bucket list drew nationwide attention, and his bucket list grew. Just two weeks before he died, he got to run the bases at a Staten Island Yankees game and was named MVP for the night. And just two days before he was put down, Odin got to meet with New Jersey Devils great Patrik Elias. 

A Facebook group for the pup-- called "Odin's Bucket List" -- also grew to more than 7,000 members. Many supporters sent pictures of their own dogs as Ledford and Odin checked off items from the list. And when the dog died, hundreds of group members posted tributes to the dog. 

"Today marks the saddest day in history, know that 7000 thousand of us are loving you, grieving very badly with you, praying, and wrapping our arms around you, I'm typing through tears, God bless you for creating a beautiful, kind, loving, supportive community," wrote one member.

Another added, "Thank you Odin for bringing over 7000 strangers together to become your biggest family."

Odin was set to have his last public appearance at the Sussex Airport on Tuesday, in order to check off seeing skydivers. The event was still scheduled to go on as a memorial service, according to Ledford.

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