Occupy Wall Street Protesters Storm “Law and Order: SVU” Set

Demonstrators accused TV series of trying to co-opt the movement.

Occupy Wall Street protesters crashed the set of "Law and Order: SVU" in Foley Square overnight, accusing the long-running TV series of exploiting the movement in an OWS-inspired episode scheduled to be filmed in the park.

TV crews had turned Foley Square into a makeshift set resembling Zuccotti Park, setting up tables, tents and signs that bore messages like "Greed No" and "War Profiteers," ahead of a shoot scheduled for Friday.

Protesters got wind of the planned filming and stormed the set at about midnight, chanting and wielding signs of their own.

"This is not us," one protester from Brooklyn told the Daily News. "We are not part of corporate TV America."

Dozens of police officers surrounded the set and prevented the protesters from getting too close. Soon after midnight, one officer announced on a bullhorn that the city had revoked the show's permit to film on the site. The protesters cheered and disbanded shortly thereafter.

TV crews arrived early Friday to disassemble the set. It wasn't immediately clear if the city would restore their permit.

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