Occupy Wall Street Treks to Washington Square Park

The protesters are scheduled to hold a meeting Saturday afternoon.

An expedition of protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement moved from Lower Manhattan to Washington Square Park Saturday.

Organizers of the demonstration say they will hold a "general assembly" at 3 p.m, which they describe as an opportunity to recruit new supporters and share ideas.

"The Washington Square Park thing is a great way to bring us to the next level," said Michael Fix, an organizer of the demonstration.

There are no plans at this stage to set up a 24-hour camp in Washington Square Park similar to the one that has operated for three weeks in Lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park.

The protesters living in Zuccotti Park have built a full-service demonstration staging zone, complete with hot food, health care, a digital counter registering supporters, and a solar energy truck to help supply power to electronics.

First-year medical resident Jay Kang arrived Friday to serve as a health care volunteer.

"The greed that is prevailing on Wall Street is causing a lot of problems in society today," Kang said.

"That is why I am here to support the protesters."

Occupy Wall Street set up in Zuccotti Park last month with dozens of demonstrators. Since then, thousands more -- including various unions such as the Transport Workers Union and the United Federation of Teachers -- have joined the movement.

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