Charges Dropped for Many #OWS Protesters Arrested on Bridge - NBC New York

Charges Dropped for Many #OWS Protesters Arrested on Bridge

Prosectors dropping charges against those arrested on Brooklyn Bridge as part of Occupy Wall Street rally



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    Occupy Wall Street protesters walk across the Brooklyn Bridge after a rally in Foley Square, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011.

    New York City prosecutors have been dropping criminal charges against many of the Occupy Wall Street protesters who were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge last October in a demonstration that helped bring national attention to the movement.

    Police hit 686 people with criminal charges after halting the march on the landmark span.

    The New York Times reports
    that so far, 174 of those cases have been dismissed outright. Another 250 people have agreed to conditional dismissals.

    A Manhattan judge dismissed 14 cases Friday at the request of prosecutors. Most of the prosecutions were abandoned due to a lack of evidence.

    The huge number of arrests brought attention to the marchers, two weeks into their occupation of a New York City park.