Dozens Of Protesters Arrested At Occupy Wall Street March

Police would not confirm the exact number, but witnesses say at least 50 people were arrested.

Dozens of people were arrested Saturday as the Occupy Wall Street protest moved north to Union Square, although exact numbers were not yet confirmed by police.

Police acknowledged that arrests were made, but would not disclose the exact number.

Witnesses and protesters told NBC New York that at least 50 people were arrested -- so many that the police brought in MTA buses to bring them to the local precinct. Most of the arrests took place on East 12th Street and Fifth Avenue before the protest continued to Union Square.
There were multiple reports that police officers used excessive force while making arrests, but police refused to comment on the allegations.

The protest began last Saturday as hundreds of people set up camp near the New York Stock Exchange to target financial firms.

Among other things, they questioned political connections between Washington lawmakers and giant moneymaking companies, as well as the government bail out of Wall Street.

Five people were arrested last week on disorderly conduct, and for breaking an old law that forbids protesters from wearing masks. 
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