The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Lehman Brothers files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, while Bank of America buys Merrill Lynch for $50 billion. [NY Times]

As oil and gas prices rise, homeowners look to the humble wood stove for heat. [NY Times]

Governors Island and its 172 acres are the latest weekend hotspot. [NY Times]

Closing prices in Manhattan down seven percent from last quarter, but higher than prices a year ago. [NY Times]

Long Island residents rankled by changes to the area’s in-home rental law. [NY Times]

Real estate slump lowers demand for “active adult” housing. [NY Times]

The history of the Con Edison tower as the famed clock goes up for landmark designation. [NY Times]

The lowly basement becomes a luxury commodity. [NY Times]

While other cities consider rising fares, Rochester’s Regional Transit Service is doing so well it can afford to lower them. [NY Times]

Omnibus La Cubana—the decades-old bus service linking New York and Miami’s Latino communities. [NY Times]

East Village bohemian working on a series of five novels about Robert Moses and his impact on the city. [NY Times]

New York showers aren’t built in a day—they take six months. [NY Times]

Brooklyn developer fails to make good on promise to revamp Terrapin Playground in J.J. Byrne Park. [NYDN]

Deadly months for city cyclists. [NDYN]

Advocates continue to push for a car-free Prospect Park. [NYDN]

Two charged in connection with the Thursday death of a construction worker who fell five stories after his scaffolding collapsed in Morningside Heights. [NYDN]

Saving Montauk Lighthouse while satisfying local surfers. [NY Post]

Bodegas caught transporting perishable food in non-refrigerated vehicles. [NY Post]

Public school teachers will soon go without parking passes, while parking perks for private schools continue. [NY Post]

Fifty-seven story luxury condo designed by Herzog & de Meuron on the rise in Tribeca. [NY Sun]

City Councilmen Alan Gerson criticizes South Street Seaport redevelopment plan. [NY Sun]

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson decided on Friday not to bail out Lehman, touching off a historic weekend on Wall Street. [WSJ]

Reading rates may be down, but home libraries are all the rage. [WSJ]

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