New Jersey

Mighty Oak Tree Crashes onto New Jersey Home, Nearly Coming Down on Elderly Homeowner

An elderly woman and her tenants in a New Jersey home escaped a close call when a mighty oak tree came crashing down on their house, destroying a kitchen in the back. 

The century-old tree nearly came down on the Kearny homeowner, who's turning 94 in two weeks. The tenants living above also escaped injury. 

Her daughter and son-in-law raced to the home after getting a frantic call from a neighbor. 

"She was in the bathroom, literally two feet from where that branch came in through the house, on the kitchen side," said the homeowner's son-in-law Will McMahon.

The home dates to the late 1800s, according to McMahon, and has been in the family "for a while." 

Heavy rain is likely to blame for weakening the soil and sending it crashing into the home. An engineer will determine if the house must be torn down. 

"A tree's a tree, we can deal with that. As long as no one's hurt," said the homeowner's daughter, Nan Wagner. 

The family says they had long been concerned about the weight of the tree and trimmed it back several times -- but never imagined this would happen. 

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