NYPD Transit Cops Revive Woman on Subway

Two NYPD transit cops are being lauded for their quick actions in helping to revive a woman who passed out on the subway. 

Transit officers Amanda Phillips and Peng Zhu were patrolling the Lafayette Avenue station Thursday when they got the call. They rushed to the C train mezzanine where they found a 53-year-old woman passed out, with no pulse. 

Phillips, who's been on the job two and a half years, rolled the woman onto her back and began chest compressions, while her partner Zhu, who's been on the job for three and a half years, called for a defibrillator. 

When EMS arrived with the defibrillator, Phillips got to work and finally got the woman to breathe again. 

Finally, the woman was taken to Brooklyn Hospital in stable condition. 

"I have to imagine if that was one of my family members lying on the floor, I hope someone could save her," said Zhu. 

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