Police Slowdown Cost NYC About $5M in Lost Fines: Comptroller

A work slowdown by the NYPD over the last few weeks has cost the city an estimated $5 million in lost fines, authorities say.

The City Comptroller's office says that the city lost about $3 million in fines from parking tickets over the last few weeks; the other $2 million came from lost fines for other infractions like speeding.

Police statistics show that in the last three weeks police issued about 44,000 fewer parking tickets than during the same period last year. The comptroller's office says that the city typically loses $691,300 for every 10,000 tickets that aren't issued.

Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bill Bratton both referenced the slowdown recently, and both have said enforcement would normalize this week.

Last week, the number of parking tickets rose to about 5,550 from 1,191 in the prior week. The last week's total was still only a quarter of the tickets from the same week in 2014.

The apparent slowdown was seen as evidence of growing rancor between police officers and City Hall in the aftermath of the slayings of two patrolmen last month.

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