New York

NYPD Police Pig in Uniform Spotted Working the Beat in Manhattan

This NYPD piglet is ready to save your bacon. 

The tiny pig in NYPD uniform caused a commotion when it was spotted outside the Apple Store in Soho, Manhattan, on Tuesday.

The little pink crime fighter even happened to bump into some two-legged NYPD officers as it was walking with its owner.

Witnesses say the NYPD officers were amused by the curly-tailed member of the force.

"They were all laughing," witness Angela M. said.

"There were lots of people entertained by this little piggy."

The piglet belonged to a young woman, she said. Its NYPD uniform seemed fit for purpose, with utility pockets and identifying badge.

But let's hope this New Porker isn't breaking the law itself. 

It is illegal to keep a pig as a pet in New York, according to the city.

In fact, it's illegal to keep as a pet "all even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla) including, but not limited to, deer, antelope, sheep, pigs, including pot bellied pigs, goats, cattle, giraffe and hippopotamus," the city says.

Tarantulas, bees and walruses are also a no-no, as well as a long list of other beasts. Guinea pigs are allowed.

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