NYPD Officers Track Down Wedding Dress Thief in Brooklyn

Here comes the bride and she's thankful she got her wedding dress back.

Two NYPD officers in Brooklyn responded to a report of a stolen package and what was inside the package was a woman's wedding dress, according to the 70th Precinct. 

Officers DePalma and Lopez "went beyond simply writing a report," and were able to track down the thief and retrieve the long, white dress.

"Tracking down the thief resulted in the Bride-to-be being reunited with her wedding dress & the BIG DAY saved!," the Precinct wrote on Twitter and posted photos of the woman and her dress.

Retweeting the photos, @NYPDNews joked "Say YES to the ARREST."

It wasn't immediately clear who, or if anyone, was actually arrested for the theft.

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