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NYPD Officers to Wear Black Bands as Death Toll Climbs

At least 28 members of the NYPD have lost their lives due to COVID-19

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NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea has directed all members of the NYPD to wear black bands across their shields in commemoration of the now 28 uniformed and civilian members of the NYPD who have lost their lives due to COVID-19.

In his letter to the department, Shea said, “this unprecedented crisis has already taken a significant toll on our NYPD family.”

“We do not know how long it will last, so we will continue to honor our colleagues in this way for the foreseeable future. We do know we will emerge stronger on the other side together," Shea said.

The NYPD says that 1,450 uniformed members of the department have returned to full-duty service after recovering from a positively tested cases of COVID-19.

There are still 2,104 uniformed members and 609 civilian members who are out sick following a diagnosis of COVID-19.

There are now 16.7% of all uniformed NYPD members who are out sick – a total of 6,052 – which is down from a high of 19.8% almost exactly a week ago.

During a 24-hour period beginning Wednesday at 10 a.m., NYPD officers visited nearly 2,500 supermarkets and pharmacies and 6,500 bars and restaurants. In all those visits - including a few thousand to public spaces and personal care facilities - NYPD officers made no arrests, but did issue one criminal court summons to a food vendor.

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