NYPD Cop Accused of Leaving the Scene After Hitting a 13-Year-Old

An off-duty NYPD cop hit a 13-year-old boy with his car and was arrested for not reporting it, authorities said.

The 13-year-old was crossing the intersection of 93rd Street and Jackson Mill Road in Jackson Heights Tuesday night when off-duty officer David Walker hit him with his Honda CRV, authorities said.

Walker failed to come to a complete stop at the intersection, authorities said.

Walker then got out of his car, checked the boy for injuries and offered to drive him home. They 13-year-old refused, and Officer Walker drove away, authorities said.

The boy went home and told his parents, who then took him to Elmhurst General Hospital and called police.

The boy was treated for a bruised left foot and abdominal pain, authorities said.

Officer Walker was arrested at about 1:40 a.m. Wednesday morning and charged with leaving the scene of an accident, police said.

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