Video Shows Dramatic NYPD Chopper Rescue Off Breezy Point

The NYPD's scuba and aviation teams helped rescue a man in cardiac arrest from a barge off the coast of Breezy Point Thursday afternoon, dramatic new video shows.

The NYPD's harbor unit got a call from the Coast Guard to rescue a man suffering chest pains from a dredge barge stationed about a mile and a half south of Breezy Point, according to police.

Five officers responded in an Air Sea Rescue helicopter, hovering over the barge and lowering a basket with a medically trained officer.

When the 47-year-old patient was secured tightly, the officers administered CPR while the stretcher dangled mid-air, police said. Eventually, the man's vital signs returned as he was airlifted to a hospital on Staten Island.

The man is in stable condition at the hospital, police said.

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