Playing in Snow With Kids, NYPD Cops Notice They're Gloveless — And Buy New Ones for Them

What to Know

  • The so-called "four'easter" provided kids in Brooklyn a chance to play in the snow with a few NYPD officers Wednesday
  • The cops were no match for the joyful boys and girls, who chased after the cops with snow
  • But the officers noticed the kids were wearing plastic gloves and socks on their hands -- and returned with a sweet gift for them all

Three police officers on patrol in Brooklyn found themselves ambushed by a group of gleeful kids armed with snowballs in the middle of the storm Wednesday -- and were happy to lose the fight.

In fact, one of the officers in NYPD's Patrol Borough Brooklyn North defected to the kids' side, laughingly encouraging them to "Get 'em! Get some more snow! Hurry!" as he filmed the snow assault on his partners. 

The half-dozen boys and girls shouted happily as they scooped up snow and chased the officers, wearing only plastic medical gloves or socks on their hands, the video shows.

Later, the officers reappeared with brand new gloves for them. 

"Look at you, you got plastic gloves on," one officer said. "How you gonna play in the snow with plastic gloves?" 

The kids were overjoyed: "Yay!" "Thank you!" 

The heartwarming video has racked up over 90,000 views on Facebook since it was posted Wednesday afternoon.

Maniyah Massey led the giggle-inducing snowball fight. "We actually got to have fun with the police and throw snowball as them," the 8-year-old said. 

Her mother had to do a double-take when she heard about it all. 

"What? You hit them? They didn't arrest you guys," Carrie Massey laughed. "They said, 'No, it was all fun!'"

On Thursday, Brooklyn North made a house call with toys and more winter gear for the kids, who were ready to return the officers' kindness.

"In return, I'll give you all guys some coffee and donuts!" little Amir Massey said.

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