So What DID Happen at Bloomberg's Fancy Fête for Hillary Clinton?


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Ever since Mayor Bloomberg threw Hillary Clinton a "Welcome Home" party (awkwardly, on Barack Obama's birthday), we've been wondering what went on. Who was there? What did they say? What did Hillary wear? There have been reports here and there (we knew the cast of Hair was there, but still don't know if there was any nudity). What, do all these political reporters not know how to cover a party?

Thank God for Cindy Adams. The Post columnist gave the fête the celebrity treatment. Now we know that Hillary wore a turquoise blazer (shocker), David Dinkins wore red-and-white seersucker, and Mayor Bloomberg knows how to tie a bow tie — while in a moving vehicle! What else happened of note? Well, Cindy followed Hillary around the whole party to eavesdrop and find out!

The kooky columnist, weaving between people munching barbecue and downing Big Apple martinis at Gracie Mansion, overheard these tidbits:

One district leader: "You can count on me for the future." Hillary: "I'll remember that." Nobu owner Drew Nieporent: "I have jalapeños in the car for you." Hillary: "The safe ones, I hope." Me: "You look like you've lost weight." Hillary: "I'm sure trying." Geraldine Ferraro and she exchanged bearhugs.

Interesting. Ferraro and Clinton showing so much love even after Ferraro's comments on Barack Obama's race opened up a whole can of worms for Clinton during the primary race. Also interesting? That Cindy told Hillary to her face that she looked "like she's lost weight" and then went on to describe her as bearlike behind her back. Burn.


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