Punk Celebration in Tompkins Square Park Cited — Shockingly — for Noise Violation

Brooklyn Heights: Genteel Hicks Street is buzzing over news of a father of two found dead in his bathtub with multiple stab wounds yesterday afternoon. Murder or suicide? It's not known yet. [McBrooklyn via Brooklyn Eagle]
East Village: The punk-rock band playing Tompkins Square Park last Sunday had a permit but got ticketed for being too loud, while a band on East 7th Street playing Duran Duran and TV theme songs were told to pack up but not ticketed, even though they apparently lacked a permit. Cue too-loud version of Alanis's "Ironic," right? [Vanishing NY]
Howard Beach: Sanitation workers have to clean up coconuts, flowers, and colored flags left on the shore as religious offerings by Hindus. "In Hindi, we call it puja," explains a Guyanese fisherman. "In English, we call it 'littering,'" retorts the anonymous Queens Crap blogger, showing his nativist colors again. [NYT via Queens Crap]

Park Slope: Congratulations to 8th Street, between Eight Avenue and Prospect Park West...you've been named the Greenest Block in Brooklyn! [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn]
Tribeca: Is it really any surprise that this green monster–conjuring collection of "Rich People Rooftops" are all either here or in Soho? We love the photographer's reasoning, though: "You have to love to get, so I love these bitches." [Flickr]
West Bronx: Jennifer 8. Lee, you can write a whole book about Chinese food, but you can't even tell us why this apartment building is "the birthplace of hip-hop," though you lead your story with that claim? For shame. FYI: It's because the building — which was just pulled out of the Mitchell-Lama program (hence the article) — was where DJ Kool Herc threw the first hip-hop party, in 1973. [NYT]
West Village: Tons of famous people, including Sid Viscous [Ed: sic, but kinda appropriate, right?] and Vin Deisel, have lived on Bank Street, and now, per this over-the-top Craigslist ad, you can, too, even if this $2,225 one bedroom "won't make the cover of Better Homes and Gardens"! [Craigslist via Curbed]

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