Knicks Will Not Appear on National Broadcast Once Next Year

Sad Stephon Marbury

Photo: Getty Images

The NBA's schedule was released today, and the FanHouse has gone and counted the number of times each team will appear on national TV this season, either on ABC, TNT, or ESPN. Not surprisingly, LeBron James's Cavs, Steve Nash's Suns, and the defending champion Boston Celtics — oh, how it pains us to say that — will be on the most, with 25 appearances each. But what about the Knicks? Well, they won't be on very much. Actually, not at all. Despite playing in the biggest media market in the country, Mike D'Antoni's squad won't be appearing on a national broadcast once. (Unless, we suppose, they make the playoffs. Ha! Just kidding.) We guess this means more Walt Frazier on the local MSG broadcasts, which is always a good thing. But how ever will the nation be exposed to the excitement of Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph attempting D'Antoni's up-tempo "Seven Seconds or Less" offense? Banner ads, perhaps? —Joe DeLessio

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