Fox Business Network to Outpace CNBC, Decade by Decade

Rupert Murdoch

That's right. It could get older.Photo: Getty Images

Jeff Bercovici has a witty little post over at Portfolio at the moment. He noticed that the ratings for Fox Business Network have increased since January — from 6,000 viewers during the day and 15,000 during prime time to 8,000 during daytime and 20,000 at night. That's marked progress. Unfortunately, we learn, that's not quite enough to catch up to CNBC. If, you know, you have your sights set on the short term. If you're willing to wait 3,588 weeks, though, you'll see FBN overtake its rival's 284,000 viewers! That's only 69 years! Quoth Bercovici:

By then, Murdoch will be 146 years old, and on his seventh wife, if current trends hold (and assuming no growth in CNBC's numbers). Good thing he's in excellent health.

Zing! Better watch out, Jeff. You'll have those Fox flacks after you if you keep this up.

Fox Business Just Seven Decades From Victory [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

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