NYC Woman Narrowly Escapes Potential Attacker Seconds From Apartment Door

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A New York City woman was just getting home from work when she noticed someone following her, then her own surveillance camera captured a terrifying moment that appeared to be straight out of a horror film.

From her doorbell security camera at her apartment building in the Bronx, the woman can be seen anxiously fidgeting with her door's lock as she looks over her shoulder. As soon as she opened the door, a man appeared into view and charged towards the closing door.

The woman was just a few seconds away from being potentially attacked that night, her granddaughter said, and it left her terrified.

"She sees three guys, two guys in the car and one outside," said the granddaughter, who wished to remain annonymous to protect her family's identity. "She felt something following her."

The Bronx grandmother is a late night office cleaner and she was just arriving home from work around 2 a.m. on Sept. 23 when she heard one of the men call her "miss, miss." The man was able to follow her into her building through an unlocked front door, she said.

"He didn’t know where she went until he heard the keys," the woman's granddaughter added. "She was able to close [the door] literally a second before he got her."

But even that didn't deter the man who can be seen lingering at the door for several seconds, and even ringing the doorbell, before finally leaving. The woman lives her husband, but he was unaware of how close his wife came to danger.

"Anything could have happened to her. To be honest we don’t know. He could have tried to kill her, rape her, anything," the granddaughter said.

It's still unclear what the man's intentions were but police are looking to arrest him for attempted burglary.

The victim says she's considering moving because she's afraid to come home at night, scared that the suspect is still out there somewhere.

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