Time-Lapse Video Shows Changing Seasons at a Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn

A time-lapse video captures the ebb and flow of a large rooftop farm in New York City as it transforms through the seasons. 

The time-lapse is of the 65,000-square-foot Brooklyn Navy Yard farm, one of two farms in the city owned and operated by Brooklyn Grange. It was installed in 2012 and the video shows the process of turning an old Navy Yard building into a sea of edible greens. 

The video, posted by Christopher St. John, begins in May as workers spread the soil and plant crops. The clouds of spring roll over the city as the barren rooftop turns to fertile ground.

As the days grow longer in June, the crops begin to form a layer of vibrant green, a color that changes with the weather and time of day. 

The metamorphosis continues throughout the summer as workers harvest vegetables and greens ahead of the autumn browning and snow of winter. 

Even when its rooftop farms are frozen over, the Brooklyn Grange continues to operate greenhouses so it can deliver produce to hungry New Yorkers. The farming business says it grows over 50,000 pounds of organically-cultivated produce each year. 

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