Joe Biden

NYC Subway Station Becomes Joe Biden Tribute On Inauguration Day — With Nods to Trump

Altered subway sign
Adrian Wilson

Joe Biden has joined the ranks of those who have received the very-NYC honor of having a subway station modified into a tribute by a street artist.

The sign at the 46th Street Station on the M and R lines in Queens was altered Wednesday as an homage to Biden being inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. Instead of the tiled sign on the wall of the subway platform reading 46th Street, it was changed to "46th Joe."

Street artist Adrian Wilson confirmed that he was the one behind the display at the Astoria station. He did similar pieces for Prince, Aretha Franklin and Ruth Bader Ginsburg after their respective deaths. The Prince and Franklin Street stations were changed for the singers, while the 50th Street station was modified into Ruth Street.

And as a nod to former president Donald Trump leaving office, the sign underneath that typically reads 46th Street with an arrow now reads "45th out."

But that was not the only place where Wilson offered some not-so-subtle digs at the former president. The sign for Thompson Street in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan was changed to "Trump Gone St," and a one way sign above it was altered to read "Gone Away."

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