Signal Problems Cripple 7 Line Service During Evening Rush

Thousands of commuters hoping to get home and Mets fans looking to get to a game at Citi Field were rerouted Wednesday after the entire 7 line was shut down at the height of rush hour. 

Trains began operating again around 7 p.m. — a little more than an hour after signal problems crippled the subway line that connects Manhattan and Queens.

Commuters were seen cramming out of stations and fighting over buses after word got out around 5:30 p.m. that service on the line was suspended. 

"It was uncomfortable," George Vasquez said. "Everyone was running in and out. The commotion was too much to handle." 

Photos and video on social media show crowds gathering at major 7 line hubs like Queensboro Plaza in Long Island City as they tried to find another way to travel, including buses and other lines like the E, F, M and N. 

Lines for buses dragged on and on as crowds of impatient people looked on in dismay. 

"I'm trying to get home, dude," commuter Gaven Mitchell said. "I've already lost two pounds waiting for a bus." 

"Super inconvenient," Eseul Campbell said. "Now I have to pay for another fair to either get to a bus or an Uber." 

"It's too much, stop raising the fare and give us more buses," Jeannete Marrero said. 

While the MTA said it's not expecting any further problems during the Thursday morning commute, there was a sense among travelers that this won't be the last time they'll have to deal with such an episode. 

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