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NYC Sheriffs Bust 350+ People at Illicit Nightclubs in Queens, Manhattan

At least five people were each fined $15,000 for their roles in coordinating illegal nightclub parties in New York City overnight

Deputies broke up an overnight party in New York City in violation of state and city emergency orders amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic
NYC Sheriffs

The New York City Sheriff's Office broke up two parties in the early hours of Sunday morning that collectively amassed more than 350 people against city and state laws meant to curb the size of indoor gatherings amid the ongoing pandemic.

Deputies broke up parties in Manhattan and Queens overnight, where at least 200 people were gathered at the first and over 150 people at the second, the sheriff's office said.

The first illegal nightclub was busted in Tribeca around 2 a.m., where deputies found partiers drinking and dancing inside without masks and ignoring social distancing requirements. Three people were arrested for violating emergency orders, two of which earned $15,000 fines.

The second party was broken up almost two hours later around 3:45 a.m. in Corona, Queens, according to the sheriff's office. This gathering was smaller in size, by approximately 50 people, but had similar safety violations.

Deputies charged five people, one worked as security and another was a DJ for the party. The other three were given $15,000 fines for promoting the party, officials said.

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