New York City

NYC Bodegas Are Experiencing a Chip Shortage, Report Says

Junk food lovers, you're in for some disappointing news.

Some New York City bodegas are quickly running out of Doritos, Cheetos and other popular Frito-Lay products.

The shortage is due to a loss in delivery drivers, a result of parent company PepsiCo cutting their pay by 33 percent, according to a report from the New York Post.

Sources told The Post that even with management taking over some routes in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, there are not enough trucks on the road.

Reports state that for some New York city-based drivers, their pay will drop from $90,000 a year to about $60,000. 

Some stores have not gotten a delivery in three months, according to the report. The owner of the lobby newsstand at a Park Avenue office building told The Post, “I call the distribution center and no one answers.”

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