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NYC School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance Because of Gender Inclusion Policy

A New York City school canceled its father-daughter dance set for Friday because of concerns it might violate a district inclusion policy.

The PTA for P.S. 65 on Staten Island abruptly called off the event after realizing the dance might run afoul of a city Department of Education regulation requiring gender-neutral events unless there is a specific educational purpose.

City school officials said the event will replace the dance with another one next month, but some parents told News 4 they thought it was a case of political correctness gone too far.

"I think it's dumb,” said one father. "But I guess politicians have nothing better to do than to politicize everyday life."

Another parent said he was surprised to hear about the cancellation. One student said her classmates had already bought dresses for their daughters in advance of the dance.

And former Republican mayoral candidate and city councilwoman Nicole Malliotakis said in a letter to schools Chancellor Carmin Farina that the policy was likened to a "ban on every semblance of tradition."

"Rather than robbing every student of the opportunity to create a lifelong memory, the school system should instead focus on establishing accommodations should transgender students wish to attend, a function," she wrote in the letter, which was also posted to Facebook

The city DOE said in a statement that the PTA of 65 will be holding a Dolphin Dance on March 2. The dolphin is the school's mascot.

"In accordance with DOE policy, the dance will be inclusive of the entire community."

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